Wellington Middle Earth Filming Locations LOTR LT62


This full day tour experiences Wellington's Middle Earth filming locations, Miramar Production Studio's & Weta Cave, with a guided behind the scenes tour. Complementary accommodation pickup / drop off

This entertaining journey of discovery through the Wellington region reveals the key film locations of The Lord of the Rings, highlights include visits to the Wellington film locations used for the Shire, the Gardens of Isengard, the River Anduin, Helm’s Deep and Minas Tirith, and where the hobbits raced to the ferry and hid from the Nazgul.

The tour is lead by a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guide who will enhance your experience and amaze you with his knowledge both of the films and of the areas you will visit where certain scenes from the movie were shot.

Be spellbound at the site of Lothlorien – the majestic Fernside Lodge. In 2000 Fernside’s lake was transformed into part of Lothlorien, and then to the Gladden Fields. Fernside’s white bridge remains as a reminder of the bridge of Lothlorien.  Explore Rivendell and the riverside spot where Aragorn was washed ashore.

We also visit Miramar, home to the production studios and to many of the stars while they were filming and the new Weta Cave with souvenirs and a virtual tour of Weta Workshop.

•Anduin River
•Gardens of Isengard
•Buckland Forest & Buckleberry Ferry
•Helms Deep
•Minas Tirith
•Gladden fields
•Weta Cave

Activity type : Daily Activity
Activity Time : 08:30am
Maximum number of people : 12
Venue Facilities : Refreshments, morning tea and lunch, Fully Guided Full Day Tour, complementary accommodation pickup / drop off
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  • "Awesome Experience"
    I am a avid Lord of the Rings enthusiast and for someone like me this tour absolutely fulfilled all of my expectations. The tour was absolutely amazing and truly enhanced by the driver / guide who's knowledge was unbelievable, plus he had the perfect personality of this tour. The Weka Workshop was really icing on the cake and the Behind the Scene Tour was awesome. If you are into the Lord of the Rings like I am then this tour is one you just have to do!
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